People often develop energy blockages of their internal organs, which have their causes in knots and tangles of the intestinal tract. Emotions such as fear, anger, excessive worry, depression and brooding can cause great damage to our bodies. Energy depletion can also be caused by overwork, stress, accidents, surgical procedures, drugs and toxins, poor and loaded food and also job insecurities.
These negative emotions and toxic energies seek to be discharged and so build up on and around the organs in our body. The body can process parts of this emotional rubbish, but usually enough blockages remain to hinder the flow of energy in the body, which usually leads to illness at some point. Negative emotions can generate such excessive heat in the organs that dysfunction or even total failure can develop.

What are "winds"?
In Taosimus, strong inner and outer energies and forces that can influence people positively or negatively have been known for a long time. These phenomena were called "winds". A distinction was made between "good" and "bad" winds. The good wind is useful and healing, it stands for the flowing energy, the Chi. The bad or ill wind is abnormal and harms the person.
Winds have different origins. In nature, a wind is caused by zones with different air pressure or temperature differences in the air. Natural winds can also have an unpleasant effect on people, such as the Föhn near the Alps, which can cause headaches or strongly changing moods.
In many cultures, winds are regarded as central forces in creation. Each organ is formed by its cosmic wind, from which organ systems and finally the complete body emerge.
Another type of wind consists of energised chi (chi elementals), which is generated by a person's thoughts. This energy travels into the spiritual atmosphere; it contains the different types of energy that surround us. This means that both the energy created by positive and loving thoughts is there, but also the energy created by negative thoughts. Both types of chi elementals can affect a person; those who are constantly filled with fear, anger or other negative emotions tend to attract even more negative forces, damaging organs and affecting emotional balance. Conversely, people who are filled with positive emotional energy are less susceptible to negative chi elementals; their high level of positive energy acts as protection.
Last but not least, winds are generated "internally". A healthy body is able to regulate itself. If parts of the organism are disturbed, the self-regulating forces are lost. Causes for this can be: wrong nutrition, bad posture, injuries, negative emotions or stress. As a result, energy pathways are blocked, the chi can no longer flow and gets stuck in the body. This can lead to headaches or heartburn, for example.

Chi Nei Tsang massage is an extremely effective method of releasing these energy blockages and flushing out deposited toxins. As Chi Nei Tsang is also designed for self-massage, no further steps are required. Anyone can practise the beneficial massages at any time on themselves and in the family circle.
One can feel on oneself where tensions are to be found in the abdominal area and work on these tensions. Mantak Chia calls this: "I am my own gold digger".