The 6 healing sounds are an ancient Taoist chi kung exercise. They are still of great importance for our health and belong to the basic techniques of Universal Tao. For each organ, the Taoist masters found a sound that supports the healthy vibration of that organ. During the exercise, each of these sounds is accompanied by a certain sequence of movements so that the meridians associated with the organ are also activated.

According to the Taoist view, consciousness is not only located in the brain, but also in the organs. It is there that the life-giving chi is collected, refined and stored. Emotions also have their seat in the organs. Due to physical and psychological stress (environmental influences, bad posture, lack of exercise, overexertion, fear, loneliness, grief), energy blockages can arise in the body, causing the organs to overheat. This in turn leads to an increase in negative, emotional energies and thus to further overheating. Continuous overheating leads to shrinking and hardening of the organs, so that they can become ill and no longer fulfil their functions.

The 6 Healing Sounds contribute to the cooling and detoxification of the organs and help us to release negative emotions that are beginning to obstruct our energy flow. The excess heat is released through the mouth and the digestive system or evenly distributed throughout the body. The organs are cleansed and strengthened, the whole body is harmonised. The daily practice of the healing sounds helps to reduce the symptoms of indigestion, insomnia, bad breath, depression or stress.

With the help of the 6 Healing Sounds, negative emotions are transformed into positive life force: sadness into courage, fear into gentleness, aggression into generosity, hate into love, brooding into openness. As the organs are also connected to the muscles, the release of tension in the organs will also improve mobility.