Small Energy Circuit - Microcosmic Orbit

Those who wish to use chi for healing and growth must allow it to circulate through the body in a controlled and effective manner along specific pathways. In Small Energy Circuit meditation, the practitioner uses the power of the mind to activate the sacral and cranial pumps so that they pump chi through the body.


Opening the Small Circuit forms the basis for the system of UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO. Using special meditation and relaxation techniques, the meditator learns to stimulate, circulate, direct and preserve the energy on the two main channels. These two main meridians are the Servant Vessel, which runs at the front of the centre of the body, and the Governing Vessel, which runs from the tailbone up the spine to the head and from there via the "Third Eye" and the nose to the upper palate.

The practice of the Lesser Circulation plays an important role in removing mental and physical blockages. When the meridians are open, chi can circulate freely along the path of the Lesser Circulation; the body and mind are supplied with chi and energy blockages are removed.

To open the Lesser Circulation, you should meditate for a few minutes every morning after the Inner Smile exercise. At first you will not notice anything, but after a while you will feel the circulating energy as a warm current in some places.

All those who want to master the techniques of Universal HEALING TAO© well should dedicate themselves to practising the Small Circuit, for without this foundation it is difficult to progress to the higher levels of the Taoist disciplines, where chi and creative energy are transformed.

(Wolfgang Köppe 2004)