Reunion of Heaven and Man We compare the body to a ship, and the soul to the engine and propeller of a ship. This ship carries a very precious and very large diamond which it is assigned to transport to a very distant shore. If your ship is damaged (a sick and ill body), no matter how good the engine is, you arenot going to get very far and may even sink. Thus, we advise against spiritual training unless all of the channels in the body have been properly opened, and have been madeready to receive the 10,000 or 100,000 volts of super power which will pour down into them. The Taoist approach, which has been passed down to us for over five thousand years, consists of many thousands of methods. The formulae and practices we describe in these books are basedonsuch secret knowledge and the author's own experience during over twenty years of study and of successively teaching thousands of students. The main goal of Taoists:
1. This level-overcoming reincarnation, and the fear of death through enlightenment;
2. Higher level-the immortal spirit and life after death;
3. Highest level-the immortal spiritinan immortal body. This body functions like a mobile home to the spirit and soul as it moves through the subtle planes, allowing greater power of manifestation.